If you are going to measure family satisfaction in your ICU, you may be interested in doing so in a way that allows us to provide you with a report that highlights your strengths and weaknesses, compared to other sites in our database. Click here for a sample site report. If you are interested in receiving such a report, we impose the following conditions:

  1. You do not make any modifications to the wording of the existing questions. You can add additional questions if you see fit to measure satisfaction related to additional issues important to your local setting.
  2. You use it to capture "family", not "patient" satisfaction.
  3. You use a similar data collection process as outlined in our paper in Critical Care Medicine listed below (here).
  4. You collect of minimum of 50 completed surveys
  5. You enter the data in the electronic database we provide and send it back to us filled in with the survey results.
  6. OPTIONAL In order to receive the most meaning of your results, ideally we would need you to compare the nature of the patients and respondents to our data set. The differences in satisfaction scores across sites could be due to differences in respondent and patient characteristics. If you choose to collect respondent and patient characteristic data click here for instructions and a current copy of Patient Characteristics and Respondent characteristics.

When you send us the completed databases, we will merge with our existing database and send you back your benchmarked site report. We would welcome any feedback on how to improve the reports, to make them more useful to you.

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