Thank you for your interest in the Family Satisfaction in the Intensive Care Unit (FS-ICU) questionnaire. The questionnaire was originally developed in 2003 using a rigorous methodology as outlined in our original publication in the Journal of Critical Care, and then refined and shortened in 2006. Recently, we published a review article that summarizes the psychometric properties and clinical utility of FS-ICU and the other related tools that measure family satisfaction.
For a link to the abstract, click here.
For a copy of the summary table produced in this article, click here.

FS-ICU is now available in a number of formats and languages (click here for a complete list).

1. Original, Long Form: FS-ICU 34
This 34-item questionnaire comprehensively captures all the domains relevant to the needs of families with loved ones cared for in a critical care environment.

View the original questionnaire here
Read a paper about using the data to improve care in the ICU here

2. Revised, Shortened Form: FS-ICU 24
The 24-question version was developed in 2006 in collaboration with researchers at Harborview Medical Center (Seattle, Washington) and was validated for use in the United States.

View the 24-item questionnaire here.
Read how and why we shortened the questionnaire here.
Review the entire publication here.

These questionnaires available for you to use free of charge as long as you acknowledge their source and you do not modify without permission. Both versions can be used for local quality improvement processes but if you are using them in a research project, the scaled FS-ICU 24 would have greater validity.

Database analysis and Benchmarking
We can also provide you with a database to which you can enter the data (right-click and "Save As": FS-ICU 24, FS-ICU 34) and SPSS program codes to facilitate your analysis (right-click and "Save As": here). For variable name key click here. For instructions on how to code and score the questionnaire, please click here.

Interested in a benchmarked report that compares your site's performance to others in our database?
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* Please note that for repeated reporting on your site's performance there will be a charge.

We hope you find the questionnaire useful in defining and improving care provided to critically ill patients and their families. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for improvements, please contact us.


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