Study Title: improving DECIsion -making about goals of care for hospitalized, elDerly patiEnts: a multi-incubator unit study (The iDECIDE Study)


Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. John You, McMaster University
                                        Dr. Daren Heyland, Queen`s  University



The overall aim of our research program is to improve end-of-life (EOL) communication and decision-making for seriously ill, hospitalized elderly patients. By improving communication and decision-making near the EOL, we have the opportunity to dramatically improve the patients' and families' experience as they journey through the final days, improve the work experience for health care professionals, and avoid unwanted aggressive medical care at the EOL. 

In our previous CIHR and partner-funded research, we identified key barriers to EOL communication and decision-making. Informed by this work, we are assembling a multi-faceted suite of interventions to reduce these barriers: (1) decision-support tools to help patients and families make decisions about their care near the EOL; (2) communication skills training for clinicians to enable earlier and better discussions about goals of care with patients and families; and (3) strategies to enhance inter-professional teamwork within systems of care.


The objective of the iDECIDE study is to engage 3 'incubator units' across Canada (Ward of the 21st Century in Calgary, Hamilton General Hospital, and Montreal General Hospital) to pilot test and refine these component interventions before moving to wide scale evaluation and dissemination of these knowledge products. 

The iDECIDE study is supported by a 2 year research grant ($504,246) from TVN ( and in-kind support from partners ($302,670), including Hamilton Health Sciences, Alberta Innovates Health Solutions, and McGill University Health Centre.




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