Improving Advance Care Planning in GenerAl Practice

Advance Care Planning (ACP) is the process of considering options for future health care decisions and personal care. An advance care plan is a verbal or written description of what kind of care an individual would want (or not want) and the nomination of a substitute decision maker who can speak for them if they cannot speak for themselves.

ACP has been shown to increase the quality of life of dying patients, improve the experience of family members and involved health care professionals, and decrease health care costs. A national poll, however, has demonstrated little awareness of and engagement in ACP.

Help us improve care

i-GAP is a research project that is intended to increase the participation of patients and families in ACP in primary care settings.  There are two components to the project:

  • DECIDE: online survey for physicians, nurses and allied health professionals to determine barriers to engaging patients in ACP, and the role you may play in communication and decision making about ACP
  • ACCEPT: a survey for patients to determine the extent to which they and their families have engaged in ACP, and what barriers and facilitators to communication about wishes and values they perceive


Participate in the study

We are seeking primary care physicians and family practice clinics to participate in this important project. You can participate by taking the online DECIDE survey, or by engaging in both the DECIDE and ACCEPT studies. 

For more information about the i-GAP study and participating in both ACCEPT and DECIDE, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Study Tools

i-GAP study tools:

Information Sheet Information Sheet
Poster Poster
Practice Characteristics Chart Abstraction Form
Physician Questionnaire Questionnaire
Nursing and Allied Health Care Professionals Questionnaire

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